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‘Astonishing’ recovery for the mortgage market

‘Astonishing’ recovery for the mortgage market

At the height of lockdown, dire predictions of economic disaster, huge job losses and a deep property market slump were relentless. It seemed there was no good news to be found. While uncertainty still prevails, sparks of hope are beginning to creep in, though...

Happy Street Names = More Valuable Home?

Happy Street Names = More Valuable Home?

Do you fall into the 92% of people who aren’t bothered about the street name when they are looking for a new home? If so, newly published research might make you change your mind. According to a new study*, this seemingly insignificant characteristic has the potential...

Property Market: Where are we now?

Property Market: Where are we now?

In mid-May, the property market reopened after nearly two months of inactivity – and buyer demand surged. Almost immediately, the number of visitors to Rightmove soared back to pre-lockdown levels, with site activity reaching record levels on 27 May*. In its latest...

How to Protect Your Home Should The Worst Happen

How to Protect Your Home Should The Worst Happen

If a loved one has passed away, it is useful to understand what happens to their debts, including and most importantly any mortgages.  There are lots of variants to consider, such as who was on the mortgage, who legally owns the house – how is the house owned, what...

Behavioural Finance Video – Overconfidence

Behavioural finance studies the psychology of financial decision making. Our very own financial planner, Sam Hartley, presents the first video of a 7-part series talking about Behavioural Finance, starting with ‘overconfidence’. Make sure...


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