Pension Review

The way we live later in life has changed over the past ten years I have been a Financial Adviser. People no longer work until age 65, retire on a Company Pension Scheme and draw a State Pension.

People have, in some circumstances, felt a reduction in the amount of benefit they receive from their pension but what they have gained is much greater flexibility and control over how and when they draw their benefits.

With greater flexibility comes more options and with more options we are faced with more important decisions.

Typically we don’t know when we are going to die, in most circumstances however I can guarantee that the years we wish we are able to enjoy our saved money will be from the ages of 55-75 and not 67-87. Once we understand the shift in the pension world and the new options available we can plan properly, through a pension review, to more accurately achieve what we really want out of later life.

I believe that my work with clients, to understand their objectives in relation to how they wish their retirement lifestyle to look and finding the most suitable plan forward is the ‘cornerstone’ to PH7’s approach to Financial Advice.


What They Say About Us

Paul takes the time to explain everything in detail, and going over anything at all that you don’t quite understand. His primary aim is to make sure his client gets the best from the funds that they have available.

- Adam Tootle

I have known Paul since the beginning of his advisory career and from the very start his advice was “client centric”, always with the clear aim of putting the client in a better position than they were already in.

- Terry Larkin

Paul goes above and beyond to get to know you as a person. We now know that we are on the right path to achieve our long term plan and have additional things to do and consider to help us get there.

- Julie Turner