Pre Retirement Goals

As individuals, we all should be working to be proactively thinking about our future financial goals and indeed what this accumulated capital will then allow us to do.

In our experience, it is likely that at this phase of life individuals and families priorities and main expense are quite likely their mortgage and their children. Retirement is probably somewhere at the back of clients minds. This is totally natural and understandable but we do recognise that the options and decision will come further down the line.

I can’t stress the importance of ensuring that some careful time is set aside to look at current and future goals. From my experience, the clients who have had access to more options from an earlier age have simply taken more care of their situation 10-15 years prior to the retirement or semi-retirement date.

This doesn’t have to mean investing more money or taking out new plans. It can simply mean understanding your options and ensuring your ‘ducks are in a row’ from an earlier age.


What They Say About Us

Paul has turned something I feared would be very difficult and traumatic for me into a manageable process. The personal, friendly reliability of PH7 managed by Paul is excellent and to be commended.

- Annetta Barrow

I have known Paul since the beginning of his advisory career and from the very start his advice was “client centric”, always with the clear aim of putting the client in a better position than they were already in.

- Terry Larkin

Paul goes above and beyond to get to know you as a person. We now know that we are on the right path to achieve our long term plan and have additional things to do and consider to help us get there.

- Julie Turner