Protection & Insurance

We cannot predict what the future holds.

The world of protection and options may seem overwhelming and this guide is intended as a brief overview of some of the main areas.

Personal Protection or Business Protection

Getting the right insurance package to meet your needs and affordability is important. And we do not want our clients to navigate this minefield on their own – so please contact us for a review of your protection needs.

To provide some general information please see below the main area of protection and insurance to consider:

Personal Protection

Protecting you and your family’s future with insurance products that will provide valuable benefits under the following circumstances:

  • You pass away leaving debts repayable or whilst your children or other dependents are still financially dependent upon you and your contribution to the household
  • You or your family are affected by illness or injury, meaning you may be unable to work and need medical treatment
  • You or your family are diagnosed with a serious and critical illness or disability
  • You or your partner lose your job
  • Your property was damaged, or you are a victim of theft


Business Protection

  • You or fellow business owners pass away leaving company debts or costs of recruiting other key members of staff to allow the company to remain viable
  • You or fellow business owners may wish to ensure shares can be purchased on death of one of the shareholders- to allow the company to continue to run
  • You may wish to provide valuable staff insurance options as a part of a benefits package to assist your staff in the event of death, injury, or illness.

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 if you have a mind-set like I had, bothered about your savings and investments because of past experiences I suggest you speak with Paul of PH7 Wealth Management and let him see what he can do for you.

- John Halstead

Both myself and my partners value the advice and services offered by Paul and have always found his suggestions and explanations to be clear and concise. We’ve appreciated the fact that he makes the time to explain fully all the various options available and you always feel that he his is working in your best interest.

- David Barrett

What I found excellent was Paul’s way of explaining a complicated procedure into layman terms. He made the whole process easy to understand and I felt that he made what was an involved process run smoothly.

- Alan Chaplin

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