Savings and Investing

As the pension landscape has dramatically changed, we believe that as a product, saving and investing in pensions has become more simple and easier for clients to understand. From listening to our client’s objectives we feel the main areas of planning are:

  • Flexibility
  • Liquidity
  • Cautious to Medium Risk
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Simplicity

Simple saving and investing through ISAs, for example, are a perfect tool to run alongside Pension Plans. The government is set to increase the allowance to £20,000. So this alongside £40,000 that can be paid into a pension will be more than enough for people to have tax efficient options to plan carefully in a simplistic manor.

Investment such as ‘Buy to Lets’ can also make up part of a retirement plan and although there are other options such as Structured Products and Off Shore bonds that we can work with clients on, the three main wealth sources at retirement will come from

  • Pensions
  • Savings and Investments (ISAs)
  • Buy to Let

The key to this is getting the balance. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to hold all their assets solely in pensions or any of the other two saving vehicles above. Having a simple blend is the key to effective planning.


What They Say About Us

My main long term objective was to be able to retire early and with Paul’s help I managed to achieve that goal at the age of 57. I will soon be 60 and I am loving it!

- Peter Chivers

Pauls approach was very different and I must say fresh. Paul took the time to get to know me, my business, my financial circumstances and used his knowledge to present relevant options to me. At no point did he sell or push, he guided, listened and observed.

- Ram Gupta, Nybble.co.uk

The ‘financial future’ was a scary unknown before and now, well it’s less scary and much clearer – I know what I can do to improve things for myself going forward and feel confident in the advice given.

- Katherine Molyneux

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Good financial planning is key to helping you achieve your future goals and aspirations, at PH7 We work with you on your financial journey ensuring you and your families’ long-term future objectives are secure.


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